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VET Ear Penguin TAB

VET Ear Penguin TAB

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See the ear like you've never seen it before!

Despite technological advances, the otoscope design has remained the same for almost 100 years. The Ear Penguin equips the otoscope with up-to-date features – superior ergonomics, powerful LED lighting, wireless charging, and an option for high quality digital camera. The Ear Penguin is a necessity for every physician - who wouldn't want to rewind, replay, and reconsider their otoscopy view.

Better diagnostics and telemedicine possibilities! The Ear Penguin converts from optical to digital otoscope in seconds!

Improve your vet-customer communication - present the ear findings to your customers.


Ear Penguin optical and digital otoscope, product number TAB-001-V (EP-001-V + CH-001-V) and an Android tablet with the pre-installed Sibbo Medical Devices App.

-marked medical device

User Manuals

Ear Penguin Optical Otoscope [PDF]

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